Dean Powell is a widely acclaimed lecturer who presents seven individual topics - based on his career as an author and historian

His professionalism and first-class communication skills have endeared him to thousands of spectactors over the years and he is one of the most popular presenters in Wales today with a workload of lectures booked a year or more in advance.

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Here's an example of the most popular lectures Dean offers:


william price bookThe Incredible Life of Dr William Price: Chartist, surgeon, heretic, archdruid and pioneer of cremation in the British Isles, Dr Price was one of the most flamboyant and eccentric characters in Welsh history. Poverty stricken, he became a surgeon at 21. He created an embryonic health service, masterminded the first Museum of Wales, launched Wales’s first cooperative and was exiled to France as a political activist. He fathered illegitimate children and died sipping champagne at 92.

Glyn Houston 42Glyn Houston - A Black & White Actor: A Rhondda valley boy running his grandmother’s milk round became one of Britain’s most popular actors. A self-confessed hell-raiser in his youth, he often spent time with his brother Donald and drinking friends in Stanley Baker and Richard Burton. Glyn made his film debut in Dirk Bogarde’s The Blue Lamp.He was the first on-screen lover of Joan Collins the father of Anthony Hopkins!


T013he Land of Song: A celebration of the history of Welsh choral singing. Its origins are based in the strength of Nonconformity as a religious force and the accelerated growth of the coal mining industry. With almost 30 years’ experience as a chorister, Dean has extensively researched why Wales developed its love of singing and how the fierce competitiveness of choirs came with a backdrop of gambling, rivalries and royal commands!

LG 2017 433Llantrisant: History of the Hilltop: Enjoy a fascinating journey through the history of Llantrisant. Famous for its Freemen and their “Black Army” who fought at Crecy, Llantrisant played a pivotal role in the revolts of the Welsh against the Norman overlords. The Castle was an overnight prison for Edward II, the town produced a Lord Mayor of London while the eccentric Dr William Price’s actions led to the passing of the cremation act.


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